Digital Aerial Photography from a Balloon or Telescopic Mast

Conditions of use

All photographs taken by AltiBreizh are subject to the terms and conditions of the licence as set out below :

The free licence gives you the right reproduce any images supplied to you by AltiBreizh, to modify them and to produce as many printed images as you wish without having to pay for such a right. The licence does not give you the right to sell or supply the image, in whatever format to third parties as this constitutes a restriction on the rights of the user.

1. Standard contract agreement

This document represents a legal agreement between you and AltiBreizh. By accepting the images, (in whatever format) provided to you by AltiBreizh, you expressly accept and agree to abide by the terms of the licence. All images are protected by international law concerning royalties, copyright and property. The material rights to all images and the right of exploitation remains with AltiBreizh who supply you with a licence to possess and use the images.

2. Authorized uses

Except for prohibited use, this personal, inalienable and non-exclusive licence gives you the right to use the images in all forms such: publicity, the illustration of press articles, for use in packaging, for use in web design as well as the right to reproduce the image in any printed form as required. This licence is granted to you without time limit unless one or any of the clauses is not adhered to. This licence also permits you to re-frame the printed image, to remove it, to add an element, to use the image partially or to improve them.

Conditions of use :

The images acquired, regardless of format are authorised to be used in the following cases : press announcements, publishing, advertised publicity, the media publicity,(except paying networks).

3. Licence regulations and uses

• For any use, intended for a product or a service whether paying or not but which has a principal value such as: post-cards, posters and various other objects...
• For posting to or any activity on a paying network reproduced in whole or in part.
• For any other use of the images in a product or a service whether paying or not distributed on-line by Internet, Ethernet, Multimedia regardless of format but which constitutes the images principle value, such as an e-card or screen saver…

All images are protected by copyright and AltiBreizh asserts its right as the owner in accordance with the Copyright Law 1992 as amended. The images can not be used without prior written consent in the form of a leasing agreement, in which the following will be stipulated: the size of each photograph, permitted time, format, type of support the number of permissible copies and the images geographical distribution. Before or at the time of printing you must include or cause to be included the name AltiBreizh. on any document, photograph or image. For all supports, formats and other uses contact AltiBreizh in order to obtain an extended licence.

4. Prohibited acts and uses

Under the terms of the current licence it is prohibited to sell, rent, loan, sub-lease all or in part any image or part of an image or its format. It is prohibited to use any images or parts of an image for pornographic or political use, or for use in defamatory, immoral, abusive and devaluing material in whatever format.

5. Guarantees

AltiBreizh indeed guarantees being invested of all the rights of exploitation on the images exept images representing architectural monuments, work of arts, objects or trade brands protected by special kinds of copyright (intellectual PROPERTY code, image and PROPERTY code, civil code, drawings and models rights, protected and REGISTERED trademarks laws, etc).

It remains your responsibility to negotiate directly with the holders of the these rights to obtain the necessary authorisation for the use of the images for economic exploitation.

AltiBreizh guarantees against the appearance of anomalies, incidents, errors or functioning faults for 30 days from the date of delivery. In all cases the only guarantee offered is the replacement of an image or a defective CD-ROM.

AltiBreizh can not and will not be held responsible for any damage whether direct or indirect resulting from the use of the photographs or CD-ROM and will not under any circumstances be liable for any cost of repair to any item.

AltiBreizh offers no guarantee, express or implied concerning the quality and reliability of the CD-ROM or photographs bought. The purchaser will be held responsible for any action taken by a third party following non observance of the licence either in full or in part. Any breach in the terms of the licence either in full or in part will result in the licence being immediately revoked and withdrawn by AltiBreizh. This could result in legal action being taken against you.

6. General

All images remain the property of AltiBreizh The granting of this licence does not involve any transfer of property rights to the purchaser or third parties. The purchase of an image, in whatever format, from AltiBreizh, does not imply rights of ownership, your right is the right of the user as defined above.

The photographs and images are protected under international inalienable laws of royalty and copyright and as such must be used as other protected content. Any representation, integral reproduction or partial reproduction falling outside the guidelines of the licence will be construed as counterfeit under article Articles L.335-2 Law of intellectual property.

The current licence is governed by French law and any litigation or interpretation and compliance will be under the domain of the French judicial system. It is the responsibility of all purchasers to be aware of the terms and conditions set out in the original French version of the licence

Regardless of how the photograph/image is to be used it is your responsibility to ensure that credit is afforded to AltiBreizh. All images must contain the following ©AltiBreizh and it a breach of the licence to print an image without so doing. When the name ©AltiBreizh appears on an image it is an offence to remove or to modify it.