Digital Aerial Photography from a Balloon or Telescopic Mast

If you want to see what you have achieved, photograph your house in an original way, then use altitude to admire your success :

AltiBreizh can take your projects to new heights !

AltiBreizh has developed new technology capable of taking high resolution photographs from a height up to 150 meters. (see example)

New : AltiBreizh has developed also a technology capable of making virtual visite like this :

The photographic process is environmentally friendly; unlike the use of an aeroplane or helicopter it does not make a noise or pollute the atmosphere.

Photographie aérienne prise avec un ballon captif gonflé à l'hélium de l'église à la Clarté

Digital technology enables the customer to preview the image at ground level and choose the photographic composition.

Whether you are a private individual, a company or a public organisation, AltiBreizh provides the solution for all your aerial photographic needs.

AltiBreizh offers a comprehensive photographic service; do not hesitate to contact us !

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AltiBreizh : Digital Aerial Photography from a Balloon for all purses.